A Well-Planned Day

Well, here we are. Smack dab in the middle of fall with its cool breezes, painted sunsets, and the coziness that accompanies it all in the form of pumpkin spice lattes and chili in the crockpot. At least for a couple of days here in the sunny south, we have cooler temperatures. Two days ago, it was 87 degrees and I was running the air at full blast, being mom-cool in my red minivan and singing to the radio. You just never know what a day will bring, and that includes the weather, despite our fancy instruments and all the knowledge man has accrued for that purpose.


As I plan my days, whether laying out clothes according to the weather forecast or lining up my to-do list as I sip my morning coffee, one thing is certain- only the Lord has that day under control. Oh sure, some days go according to my plans. Those are the days that I think everything went well. But what about the days that leave me feeling like life threw me a curve ball and I didn’t even have my bat in my hand? Are those days failures? Not according to God’s Word.

” A man’s heart plans his way,
but the Lord directs his steps.”    Proverbs 16:9


Sometimes, accomplishment in a day doesn’t have a tangible product.  You cannot measure with earthly means the value of rocking a baby, but since mine have long since outgrown rocking,  I can tell you it is worth more than anything else you might do today. You can’t immediately see the product of spending your days discussing history lessons and memorizing Spanish verb conjugations with your children.  Washing dirty clothes and cooking meals doesn’t rank high on my personal list of achievements, but if I don’t do it, the entire family will certainly notice it. The seemingly mundane moments of are lives are the ones God uses to grow us as His children. Learning to be content with where we are, learning to have a servant’s heart, learning to trust Him with our days…

Those interruptions in the midst of my intentions are often the things I should have been focused on in the first place.

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