Chalk One Up for New Canisters!


A new year always makes me want to just go crazy with a fresh start for everything! My kitchen canisters which almost date back to my wedding have been begging for an update. Inspiration struck one evening while waiting for dinner to cook, and the chalkboard canisters were conceived. I originally planned to paint them with chalkboard paint, but I was a bit nervous about how it would turn out. Once you have sprayed paint on something, you have pretty much committed.

I procrastinated while I pondered whether I really wanted to attempt painting them. I worried about crooked lines from uneven tape or leakage running down the sides. While searching for another small item to bump me to the magic $35 dollar zone where the Amazon fairy waives shipping fees, I found Con-Tact brand self adhesive chalkboard paper. Problem solved! No need to worry about messy lines, over-spray, or fumes. This awesome product even has a line grid on the back so you can cut it straight. So armed with a pair of scissors, my handy-dandy roll of chalkboard paper, a measuring tape, and a liquid chalk pen, I determined to up-cycle my old canisters.

Step One: I emptied the contents of the sugar container by emptying it into a mixing bowl. (The other three were actually already empty. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve never really used them, so these organizational tools were actually creating clutter on my counter top!) I washed all four canisters with hot water and dish detergent, then made sure they were thoroughly dry.

Step Two: I measured the canisters height and circumference to get the proper dimensions for cutting my Con-Tact paper. Then I added a couple of inches to the length so I would be sure to have a little overlap on the back of the canister.

Step Three: This is where things got sticky. It turns out that it was easier in my brain than in reality. I mean, shouldn’t it just be a simple matter of peeling the backing off the paper and sticking it to the canister? Yes and no. First off all, I peeled the paper backing a little at a time, only revealing the gummy side as I was actually pressing it down. Things went well as I rolled my thumb over the air bubbles and removed them as they appeared. I was very careful to keep the paper straight, running even with the top lip of the canister. Somehow, though, working with a cylinder causes a spiral effect with the paper, making the two ends refuse to meet evenly as you finish wrapping.
IMG_6952 IMG_6953

Step Four: After several attempts to get the paper to line up properly at the end, I gave up and cut the paper before it started to wander off course. Life got much easier when I did this, and I just neatly overlapped the remaining piece to cover the blank space on the back side. Finally, it was time for the fun part- writing on them! The liquid chalk pen works just like a paint pen. You have to hold the tip down on a scrap piece of paper to saturate it. Then you can get busy writing and drawing on your “new” canisters!

The time involvement was a little more than I thought it would be, because I tend to believe that I can conquer the world in a day. So I figured I could slap chalkboard paper on these babies in about twenty minutes and move on with my life. It actually took about an hour and a half, which is certainly a reasonable amount of time to outfit my counter with new canisters that are fun to look at and now actually serve a purpose. They even made my husband smile when he saw them!

My favorite thing about these is that I can change these to suit my whims. All it takes is a damp cloth to erase the chalk, and I can change hot chocolate with a snowman to lemonade mix with sunshine, palm trees, and flip flops!

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