Why 2014 Was Not the Year to Start a Blog and Why That Matters to You

IMG_8531This year has disappeared as a rushing gust of wind. Graduating my second child, homeschooling, doctor appointments, working at a “real job” (don’t get me started on how much I hate when people say that), projects around the house, leading several ladies’ Bible studies, and just trying to carve a few minutes to be me.

After a long hiatus from this fledgling blog, I’m ready to return. 2014 has been a season of regrouping in so many ways. Spiritually, I have been focusing on the aforementioned Bible studies. I want to encourage other women in their walk with Him. In fact, that could be stated as the main purpose of this blog. Life gets sticky sometimes, and I want to be the reminder that it’s gonna be all right.

As a homeschool mom, the adjustment to homeschooling one child after starting with three who were all clamoring for my attention at once and simultaneously needing help with finger paint, phonics, and fractions posed a speed bump. I never deal well with change (maybe that isn’t entirely true- I just have to start sooner than most!).

As an RN who works weekends, I struggle to find the time to write like I want to. I enjoy my job for the most part, but it is certainly a drain on my time with so much going on during the week!

So why does all of this matter one whit to you? Because I want to lead by example in saying that there are seasons in life when you cannot do it all. There. I confessed it publicly. We’ve all heard again and again that the supermom myth is just that. And yet, we continue to beat ourselves up when we can’t perpetuate it in our own lives. The key to recognizing our limitations lies not only in whether we are able to keep up with everything, but in whether we have joy and peace as we do it. We tend to think most about joy and peace in this the Christmas season. But Christ did not come so we could just have it for the month of December. He came to bring joy and peace to us ALL the time.

If you are doing more than He has for you in this season, take some time to reflect on all the things you are attempting, and ask Him to show you where the priorities are. We can be busy doing much, or we can be busy doing what matters most. We must continually give our best efforts to those areas of our lives that are the most important, and we have to be in prayer so that we understand what those areas are.

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