The Trouble With Christmas

As we dash about feeling like there is a list of things that we have to do to keep from missing Christmas, that is precisely what we do. We miss Christmas.

This Christmas seems to have gone by in a flash, and I did not make the adorable red and white quilt that I saw online and intended to have on the back of my rocking chair this season. I wanted to make some special gifts, but instead I’ve purchased stuff because realistically, I did not have time. I didn’t host a cookie swap like I had wanted. And as I lay in bed awake on a recent night thinking of how much I didn’t do, I felt that peace that He gives whisper soft to me.

These are the trappings of our own expectations.

Christmas is none of these things. Christmas is not the frantic scurrying about to set the stage. It’s not about props and the creation of a scene. The stage has already been set for us long ago, and the Main Character has arrived. Everything is perfect just like it is.

As I placed my nativity set on the mantel several weeks ago, it was an act of worship. A hushed holiness surrounded me- not in the ceramic figures themselves, but in the reflection and focus on that one night in Bethlehem as I placed each piece. And so I close my eyes and let that memory soak deep into my heart, reminding me that He has already made the season perfect with His presence.


2 thoughts on “The Trouble With Christmas

  1. Hi, Sharon, hoping to get in touch with you. I’ve sent you an email from my Molly Green account, so if you don’t get it, please check your spam folder! Blessings, Dara Ekanger


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