A Revelation

It occurs to me as I lie here in a recliner,  forced into stillness by a shoulder surgery this week,  that my family is right when they say that I do not take time for myself. I tend to think,  and rather pridefully, that the world will stop spinning on its axis if I cease my frenzy. And so,  as others have just watched the finale of Downton Abbey, I have had to start over with the season one DVD because it has been so long since I saw an episode,  I needed to be reintroduced.  Who has had time for the guilty pleasure of watching something just for me?
My blog is deserted, even though I think about it in the corner of my mind where all of my unfinished projects haunt me. There’s always something more important, more pressing, to do.  Laundry, clean bathrooms, preparation for the chemistry class I teach at co-op, my job at the hospital as a nurse with its incessant demands, homeschool lessons, dirty bathrooms… And yet,  all of those things still exist as I sit sidelined,  and somehow the world is still clicking right along while I sit here with one arm in a sling and Lady Mary snubbing Cousin Matthew on my flat screen. Huh. Imagine that.

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